Hand-dipped in our house-procured blends of superior-quality oils and ingredients - chosen specifically for its intentional benefit - each incense stick seeks to guide your aspirations into the universe with clear and present purpose. Each stick produces a super clean and condensed fall (post-burn celluloid ash) and exceptional burn time generally lasting 40 to 45 minutes per stick. That means you could potentially get 3 to 4 uses per stick if you burn for just 10 minutes each session!


Our proprietary incense stick recipe contains only 100% pure essential oils and natural ingredients so you can have peace of mind that you, your family and your pets are safe from any harmful chemicals, inhalants, preservatives, leads and any other toxic additives that are typically used in mass-produced incense products.


  • 40-45 minute burning time per stick
  • Contains 35-40 handmade sticks
  • Each stick measures 6.5-7" long
  • Store in airtight container when not using to prolong shelf life

Incense Sticks

  • Cleanse Movement is life and the essential ingredient for extracting all negatives. Each Cleansing incense stick is hand-dipped in an invigorating recipe of pure tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils to purify the soul, and lavender petals to sooth undone actions for complete and total clarity. 
    Calming Find stillness in energy in the sublime notions of Calming incense sticks. Divine scents from lavender and jasmine essential oils gently lull anxious energies, in you and those around you, into quiet submission while sacred copal resin extracts all remanence of angst and fear from all dimensions of both your present and future lives. 
    Enlightenment Open your mind and heart for clear and present outlook with hand-rolled Enlightenment incense sticks. Made with 100% pure clove, ylang , and myrrh essential oils musky sandalwood and lotus leaves to fully align your chakras and expand your third eye for an existential mind trip into aromatic pleasure. Perfect for meditation and chanting. 
    Love Invite love of its purest form into your heart and mind with our hand coated Love incense sticks. Made with rose and jasmine oils, and fresh patchouli leaves, each Love stick seeks to attract unconditional harmony and romance into your aura while lemongrass and lavender petals illuminates the pathway between your heart and theirs. 
    Prosperity Find opportunity in all things by expanding your perspective to unseen horizons. Exuding an icy-fresh aroma with each burn, our Prosperity incense sticks are hand-dipped in a blend of cedarwood, peppermint and frankincense oils to invigorate energies for success and fortune within your orbit, while Himalayan sea salt removes envious energies for ONE path forward: ultimate success in all channels. 
    Protection May the gods conform and always protect your soul. A progressive mixture of spruce, sage and lemongrass combine to offer safe haven to your mind, body and soul, while fresh lavender petals cleanse your life's dimensions for a profound and serene journey ahead. 
    Rebirth We are what we think. Focus your mind on accepting life's gifts with our best-selling hand-dipped Rebirth incense sticks. Made with 100% pure rosemary and olive oil to uplift your holy soul for a fresh life path while fresh smokey patchouli leaves help return the soul to its un-jaded, peaceful version. 
    Return to Happiness Leave the world behind you with a customer favorite! Aethereal hues of chamomile petals, lily, jasmine and ylang ylang essential oils delightfully envelope your aura e as each Return To Happiness incense stick transcends the soul to a spring-fresh meadow, bursting with abundance of love, hope and total contentment.
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