Unique and multi-functional, our handmade incense papers come in 4 intentional scents of pure essential oil and all natural ingredients. Designed for a quick burst of energy within the space, similar to smudging, incense papers can be burned or simply laid in direct sunlight to scent smaller spaces, such as car dash or window seal. 


  • Choose from 4 intention-scents
  • Contains 50 handmade papers / mixes are 25/25
  • Each paper measures 2x2"
  • Designed for quick burn, or scent smaller spaces by leaving paper in direct sunlight
  • Comes in our branded packaging with hand-painted label
  • Includes 1 pack branded matches
  • Store in airtight container when not using to extend shelf life 

50 Handmade Incense Papers

  • This product contains absolutely no chemicals, synthetics,  dyes, carrier oils, inhalants, preservatives, leads or any other material considered toxic or unsafe to humans or pets.  

  • Name Ingredients
    Cleanse Lavender oil, sage oil, ylang ylang oil, sandalwood powder, lavender petals
    Calming Jasmine oil,  lavender petals, copal resin
    Protection Cedarwood oil, cedarwood oil, spruce oil, palo santo powder
    Prosperity Peppermint oil, jasmine oil, cedarwood oil, frankincense oil, peppermint leaves

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To ensure freshness and to minimize cost and price, all products are hand-made-on-order. Incense products will ship within 2-3 days of the order being placed, while gift products typically ship within 3-4 days of the order date. Orders containing both incense and gift products will be shipped within 3-4 day time frame. This means your order should arrive in approximately 6-7 days of the purchase date, depending on carrier and weather. 

We do plan to offer expedited shipping in the near future.

RETURNS & exchanges

We do not accept returns or offer refunds for any incense or gift items. However, if your item is damaged when you receive it, we will send you a replacement at no additional cost to you. Just send us an email including a time-stamped picture of the item to initiate a replacement.