Incense Papers

Incense Papers


Dipped in a mixture of high-quality oils, powders and flowers, these unique, hand-cut cotton papers are designed to produce a burst of fragrant energy into your aura without overwhelming your senses or space. Whether burning or simply left out to enjoy, these papers can be used to guide the higher-conscience towards introspection and the aspirations you hope to manifest.  


These papers contain only natural ingredients so you dont need to worry about chemicals or preservatives harming you or your pets. Each set comes in air-tight container to extend the life and scent of your incense papers. 


  • Contains 30 handmade papers
  • Each paper measures 2x2"
  • Can burn or simply place on surface to smell
  • Total burning time is about 10-15 minutes per paper
  • Store in airtight tin to extend life of papers
  • Intention Ingredients

    Cleanse Made to purify your aura, these Cleansing incense papers are made from flower-pressed cotton paper soaked in lavender, sage and ylang ylang oils to extract imposters and cleanse your aura toward a new beginning. Finally, each paper is sprinkled with sandalwood powder and lavender petals to reaffirm balance within your space. 
    Protection Manifest spiritual resolution and protection of your physical and meta physical space with our handmade Protection incense papers. Soaked in spruce, lemongrass and cedarwood to solidify protection from evil thoughts and minds, while palo santo powder detoxes your soul and surroundings. 
    Prosperity Tap into your destiny's fruitful gifts with our Prosperity incense papers. Made from heavy flower-pressed cotton, each paper is dipped in cedarwood, jasmine and frankincense oils to attract supreme offerings from the universe while peppermint leaves bring the success you have always been destined for.
    Calming Calm your thoughts and the space around you with Calming incense papers. Linked to your chakras and used in sacred rituals throughout the world, copal resin coats each paper to purify your environment while jasmine and lavender petals cleanse all realms of stress and anxiety.  
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