About Us

The Blessed Bud produces a variety of incense products handmade in the United States. All products are made from ethically sourced, 100% all-natural ingredients chosen to attract specific intentions set by the user. 

Intentions can be set during meditation, yoga, chanting, Reiki, prayer and all forms of self-journey towards enlightenment.

Plus they smell pretty amazing, too!


Unlike traditional, mass-produced incense - which has been linked to various heart and lung conditions caused by breathing emissions released from synthetic compounds during incense burning - The Blessed Bud incense contains absolutely no chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, fragrance oils, perfumes, dyes, or any other material that may be considered toxic to humans or animals. 

The Blessed Bud launched in 2021 as a farmers market vendor but (and with immense gratitude) has since expanded into the eCom and B2B spaces in order to meet market demand. 

For more information on The Blessed Bud, please contact us here.